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From The CFI's Desk

Chief Flying Instructor, Glen Buckley Chief Flying Instructor
Glen Buckley
Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I hope you'll take the time to find out a little about Melbourne Flight Training. We were established in 2006 with two instructors, and now have a team of 20 highly experienced instructors and over 20 aircraft. We don't advertise at all so we rely on "word of mouth".

To some, "SAFETY" may be a less than inspirational start for my commentary. But it is the cornerstone of every single thing that happens in a Flying School. How do we approach this? Firstly we talk, we talk a lot. Every person that enters the premises has an obligation to discuss absolutely any safety concern that they have. We might be busy, and we seem to be getting even busier. The administration that goes into running a flying school is enormous. But we always have time to talk. You are encouraged to report any concern or provide any feedback.

I will talk to you. I will have at least spoken to you on the phone and hopefully met most of you personally before you commence. I will have discussed your previous experience and what you are trying to achieve. I will give you the most cost effective training and I will be able to explain why. I will give you an honest appraisal of how much your licence will cost, and I will make you fully aware of how expensive it is and how hard it is to get a job and "crack" into the industry. The fact is that flying is not for everybody. I have a broad range of instructors and I will ensure I match you with the most compatible one. I will stand behind every word I say, and welcome any feedback you have for me, whether it be good or bad.

Our training is backed up by a great team. More than of the 20 instructors are highly experienced Grade Ones. We won't operate below that ratio. There is an enormous pool of talent in MFT. Don't be shy to engage them and ask them for help, even if they are not your usual instructor. They are all there to increase the safety of your flying.

Our Fleet [of aircraft] is exceptional. We don't compromise. If you have a maintenance issue, no matter how small, report it to a member of staff and ensure it is recorded. It will be fixed promptly. If it's not, come and ask me to explain why.

We are in a unique situation where the majority of students transfer to us from other schools. They come from within Australia and sometimes from overseas. Our students bring a broad range of experience into the organisation. Its valuable. We encourage our new students to engage and build friendships with other students. You all have a common interest so don't be shy and sit back quietly. MFT has attracted the friendliest group of students on Moorabbin Airport, utilise it.

If you're an itinerant pilot coming to Moorabbin, please come in and ask to use our facilities — you will be warmly welcomed. We wont charge you anything but will treat as you as a valued customer. If the weather is marginal, don't press on. Come in and stay the night if it helps.

You will find the team at MFT exceptional. They are approachable, talented, and experienced. They are committed to your Safety and will be able to deliver some of the best training in Australia.

Until next time “Safe Flying”. Cheers, Glen.

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