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From The CFI's Desk

Chief Flying Instructor, Glen Buckley Chief Flying Instructor
Glen Buckley
Friday, 24 January 2014

As we say goodbye to 2013 I would have to say it was a busy year particularly with personnel changes. Firstly, congratulations to all of our instructors that have moved forward with their careers and made such a valuable contribution to MFT while with us. We’ve had Charles Hessmann and Francesco Oddi both move on to exciting positions in Perth and Darwin. Russell Lucas has moved into the position of Head of Operations and is working towards his CFI and Testing approvals. There were also several Instructor upgrades during 2013 including Josh, Shadi, Rishi, Darren, Arthur, and Andrew. Congratulations to all.

We also warmly welcome a number of new staff to MFT including Warren McNally from another Moorabbin based operator. Warren is a Grade One Multi Engine IFR instructor with a broad range of experience in both charter and instructional roles. Peter Bishop has also returned to MFT as a Grade One Multi Engine IFR instructor, and Bill Skoufis has joined MFT after many years of my trying to encourage him to come and join us. Other arrivals include Maurice as a Grade One Multi Engine IFR instructor, Daniel Koro after completing his Instructor Rating at MFT, and Rishi as a Grade Two Instructor after a period of training and charter in Tasmania.

Cameron Meyer has done exceptional work in the Safety Area and the improvements in this aspect of the business are something that he is to be commended for.

The end of 2013 also saw the introduction of our new electronic booking system which has many potential benefits to both staff and customers. Daniel Koro will continue his excellent work in this area to realise the systems potential and eventually give students the ability to book aircraft and instructors.

Finally the IFR school is an area that has been significantly bolstered up. During 2013 we were in a situation where there was an enormous demand for our IFR training, and in fact we were unable to accept many applicants. That challenge has been more than addressed with the addition of a number of highly experienced and highly regarded IFR instructors.

Equipment wise, we have taken delivery of a new Seminole with approximately 200 hours total time on it. We are confident that it is the best Seminole operating out of the Melbourne region.
Our simulator is also currently undergoing a significant upgrade that is being completed in three stages at a cost of approximately $50,000. This includes a new upgraded computer system, substantially improved visual package, and will see the addition of a Garmin GPS unit to complete the upgrade.

Our Cessna 152 has also undergone a refurbishment and that also is now one of the best 152s available in Australia. Our Piper Warrior fleet and the Cessna 172s are industry leading. It was also great to see the "drinks" fridge filled to the brim after a brief absense which indicates that we are still getting many students through their flight tests, first solos, etc. Congratulations to all.

Until next time “Safe Flying”. Cheers, Glen.

Next Instructor Rating Course

There is ONE place available for the next in our series of Instructor Rating Courses, this one to start on 7th July and runs until 19th September 2014.

The course is being conducted by our very experienced Grade 1 instructor Russell Lucas.

A $2,500 deposit is required to secure entry to the course, and you must have a Commercial license with a Night VFR rating.

Find out why our courses are so popular!

Please call the office or click here for more information.

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